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    Default Would this be off axiss

    I got .16 miles of constant on 35.5 with straight and medium traffic on the rx65. But the cops was on the left side facing me with someone pulled over. Does this make it off axiss and thats why I recieved short warning. It was a 4 land road. 2 on each side. 1 going north and the other going south, and a small grassy medium. The cop was next to the curb with a customer

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    Did it get stronger after you passed his location? If so I would think he had the rear antenna on so you were picking up reflections bouncing off object behind the officer.
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    I once saw a P5 Constable with a swivle action on his radar gun. I have never seen that before. He could reach up and turn his antenna to the front or too the side.

    If this LEO had been shooting perpendicular to the road with his antenna turned to the side that might explain to very short range from front to back.
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