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    Talking BlendMount V1 Mounts?

    Hey guys, just joined the site, so I thought I would just get right to asking my first question...Has anyone had any experience with the BlendMount V1 mounts? I was just looking around ebay when I came across an auction for one and then stumbled onto their site. It seems like it would work very nicely, considering I live in Upstate NY where the temp changes ALL the time, so my V1 doesn't always like to stay in place...what do you think?

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    Default Re: BlendMount V1 Mounts?

    First off replace the suctions cops every year, and leaving your mount on your windsheild helps alot

    I have been using the same suctions cups since i got my v1 but I soak my suction cups in water overnight once a month and then in windex once a year

    Personally while that is a very solid mount and an alternative to suction cups is makes the V1 much more visible which I like to limit

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    Default Re: BlendMount V1 Mounts?

    It looks cool but make sure you take it down when you get out of the car or I don't know if those are pain in the butt to take it down.

    Why not get it hardwired and put it next rear view mirror?

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    Default Re: BlendMount V1 Mounts?

    It's not practical to take down. It's a great mount but it places your RD directly in plain view. Not so good when you get pulled over. Also not so good when you're parked and thieves are looking for clues (i.e. the mount stuck on your rearview mirror) for which cars to break into.
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    they are far from the only company that's making these, and where hardly the first. so that's the first negative against them in that they have stolen other peoples ideas.

    as others have said unless you have 20% or lower window tint all around it makes the detector stick out like a sore thumb.

    I'd just stick to a visor mount, or just get some quality suction cups.

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    Default Re: BlendMount V1 Mounts?

    just hardwire high with a concealed display and u will be fine

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    Default Re: BlendMount V1 Mounts?

    Quote Originally Posted by hockey005 View Post
    just hardwire high with a concealed display and u will be fine

    It wouldnt be a very practical mount in an area where RDs are illegal either. Too easy to spot by LEOs.



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