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    Default Local PD uses Ka? Perhaps some questions

    Not sure if this is kind of unusual (may be it is for CA), I noticed one of the local PD uses Ka-band. It should be rear facing since the duration is longer as I'm approaching from behind the source.

    The signal spans about .3 mile and the source is at the end of a turn. That's a pretty nice save if you ask me. One question though. What's the easiest way to identify if the source has one two antennas? As I'm getting closer, the bogey goes to 2 and I'm not sure if the OP is shooting the other side of the street also. But goes to 1 when I'm pretty much next to the OP.

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    Default Re: Local PD uses Ka? Perhaps some questions

    You can see the small radar antennea inside the car. Looks like a white grow light bulb (shaped simular too). If the LEO has rear and front you will see it mounted in the rear window normally driver side pointed out the back window, front will be pointed out the front window, normally on the drivers side dash area. As for bogey counter, the LEO will normally be using front or rear seperatly, but not shooting forward and rear at the same time. The 2nd bogey seen is probably his one signal reflecting off objects when you are real close to him, causing the V1 to mistaken 1 radar signal as 2. It should show 1 bogey as you drive further away from him.
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