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    on the v1 website the v1 cost $399 but some websites like got it for $499. can you guys explain the main difference? thank you.

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    I would just rack it up as an independent vendor adding a very healthy mark up. I would also think that V1 does not give a price break to someone re-selling their product. Just my opinion.

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    No difference. VR does all their own distributing. So, for a company to make a profit on a V1, they have to sell it for more than VR does. You're much better off getting it direct from the factory, for both cast and warranty reasons.

    Now, VR does not ship internationally, so if you live outside the US, you have to buy second hand. A respectable website like this would be safer than say, Ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by punkzappa View Post
    on the v1 website the v1 cost $399 but some websites like got it for $499. can you guys explain the main difference? thank you.

    Be thankful it is only $100 extra. Sellers here in New Zealand are selling the V1 for between $1100 - $1550 NZD. That works out to between $550 - $775 US.

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    Valentine Research does not have any authorized dealers selling their products. They sell only through their website. The dealers you have seen are gray market dealers, meaning they are buying the V1 at the same price you can get it for, $399 and marking it up $100. I have seen some sites that try to justify the differential by saying they have "specially tuned" the V1 for maximum range and minimal falsing.



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