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    Default A few interesting things from Chesterfield, MO (W. St.Louis)

    First, I just about got popped the other day - by a cop on a bicycle!
    It was in a neighborhood on a long slightly curving hill (35mph) with no homes on this stretch. There he sat under a tree with a little gun, a bike, and a cooler. The V1 picked him up just in time... and then I started laughing my arse off picturing him trying to catch someone.
    He's been there a few times now (I'm doing work in the neighborhood) and I stopped to talk to him out of curiosity. He says he blows a whistle to get cars to stop... :?

    Also, there is at least one of those mobile cart/trailer radar "stations" owned by the City of Chesterfield that tells you how fast your going, but my V1 does not make a peep. Why would that be?
    Normally, the V1 is banging away around one of those things.

    Lastly, we have TONS of Infinity's around here, and I am full-up SICK of their damned cruise control. Seriously, they are everywhere :x
    Can I completly dissable LASER?

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    Where in Chesterfield was this? I live in that area.

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    Get a jammer and "disable" thier cruise control!


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    Quote Originally Posted by drochebs
    Where in Chesterfield was this? I live in that area.
    Wildhorse Creek, into Wildhorse (the neighborhood) Left on Wildridge... left curve, right curve, left curve heading down hill... be lookin out.
    He's a STL County guy.

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    Thanks. How do you like your V1 driving in St. Louis? I have a BEL and am thinking of buying a V1 soon.

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    V1 is definately the way to go.

    I drive with X band turned OFF.. I havent seen X band in st louis in a few years.

    K, Ka and laser.



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