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    Default speed sign set-off V1, but too late

    I passed the speed sign today, and it's set off my V1, but only around 100 feet or so.

    If this was real radar by LEO, I could get caught easy, what do you think ?


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    Off frequency unit. I've seen it too.

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    What band did it go off on?

    If the speed sign is supposed to be on K, but is out of tune, or the V1 is out of tune, you may get a Ka (or K on the POP capable V1s) ghost within 100 feet or so of the sign.

    This happened to me with a speed sign a couple months ago, which is what prompted me to send my V1 in for a tune-up. I have the V1 back but haven't encountered any radar-toting LEOs with it yet.
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    I have found a Ka speed sign that does not broadcast continuously, It appears to be off most of the time. Perhaps it is on a timer to sample occasionally and stays on if it detects a moving vehicle. My V1 worked perfectly with it, the arrows tracked as I approached it, going from front to side to behind. Only a single frequency was seen by the BEL 960. The 960's range to the rear was quite close to the V1's, but I suspect that was a terrain effect as the range limit was determined by a dip and a curve.

    I hope the PD keeps using this beacon of validation. I want to test the 5000.



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