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    Default Blue Arrows and LED's on V-1

    Does anything think they could mod a V1 so that It would have clear arrows with blue lights, or blue arrows with blue lights, and blue leds, similar to the x50 blue. Just curious, I'd just like to have that option, because I'm going to be buying a new detector soon, and I am a former 8500 (Non-X50) owner. No real complaints except for laser and instant-on performance from the 8500.

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    its a good idea, but after owning a blue x50 they are awful at night time. a red display tends to blend in and you wont notice it to where the blue never would let my eyes adjust it seems!

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    its not worth it to open up the V1, warranty and upgrade will be void...

    do whatever you want to the concealed display, as the link above showed, it is possible

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    I should get a picture of my gauge cluster at night, but the way the RSX is setup it looks like a red hologram.

    All you can see is the markings and numbers, there's no background display. Looks very cool.

    Blue arrows would NOT blend in well. Lifespeed's modification services are TOP NOTCH though as myself and Larrymz3 can tell you. I got the regular mod and Larry got his regular mod + green-yellow-red on the strength indicator. Very cool indeed.

    I may end up selling my modified one on eBay and getting Lifespeed to do me on like Larry's.

    Here's mine for reference:


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    Default high-energy photons

    Blue light ruins night vision. Red is preferred for night driving, plus (Mike V must like this one) they are cheaper.

    I do put in a blue light for the laser/GMC-Envoy-stoplight indicator, but it isn't lit up often. Plus there is the whole issue of fabricating clear or blue arrows . . .

    Edit: my philosophy is the customer is always right, I'll do any mod you want to pay for :wink:

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    Is it really worth risking the $400? And I agree the X50 looks cool in blue but is hard to read at night.



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