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    Default Question about mounting a V1

    Is any access required to the top of the V1? I want to mount one in a new Expedition. There is a flat 2.5" by 2.5" 'box' which presumably contains the compass which is mounted under the rear view mirror. I could devise a way to mount under it (velcro, etc) provided there are no controls on top. Anyone have a good link or pic of the top of a V1 and also a good pic of the way it mounts into the suction cup mount and/or visir mount? Thank you


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    The only control for a V1 is the main knob and muted volume selector ring. If you have access to the front and the antennas aren't blocked then you should be good to go.

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    The V1 is ideal for concealed or visor mounting since there is nothing on the top or bottom. The rear antenna, laser sensor, display and controls are on the back panel.

    With the more typical detector design (e.g. X50, RX65, and just about everything else out there), there are buttons on top that become inaccessible when visor mounted. Not to mention the rear laser sensor.
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