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    Default LED Flash Ligths Sets off the V1

    Notice the other night when doing some work on my car with my V1 turned on it kept randomly getting Laser alert. I then realize I was using a LED head lamp and every time the beam went near the V1 it went off.

    It looks like the LED flashlight must also put out infrared beams that the V1 Reacts too.

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    Default Re: LED Flash Ligths Sets off the V1

    I bet that if you very rapidly wave the front of the flashlight in front of your eyes (don't point the flashlight directly towards your eyes), you will see a flickering pattern.

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    Default Re: LED Flash Ligths Sets off the V1

    Which flashlight brand and model number is it? The light could be using a switching regulator and that could cause the V1 to alert to laser.


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    Default Re: LED Flash Lights Sets off the V1


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    Default Re: LED Flash Ligths Sets off the V1

    weird. lol i'm going to try it.

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    Default Re: LED Flash Ligths Sets off the V1

    Well LED flashlights tend to put out a broad range of light frequency, some definitely into the IR range. In addition, some dimmable LED circuitry use PWM switching to perform the dimming (though the obscenely low switching rates around 5kHz or so is widely criticized by flashlight enthusiasts for perceived strobing effect)

    I've got some flashlights that if I switch em on and off once in a while I can trigger a laser pulse. I've also got a 800 torch lumen triple Cree MC-E die that can light up the night sky to the clouds like a light saber, and shining that at most detectors will trigger an alert, though that's most likely due to sensor overload!



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