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    Default Newb Question: Upgrade Firmware?

    Hey guys,
    I'm going to be taking a couple roadtrips this summer from Indiana to Tallahassee FL and from Indiana to Pensacola FL. I'm going to send my V1 for a tune-up, but I'm getting a little edgy about the firmware. I purchased my V1 several months ago on e-Bay. (I've already purchased a CD and discovered it is NOT stolen.) The V1 works great, comparable to those belonging to several V1 users that I know. My question is this: I have v 3.789. This is a pre-POP version. Many people here say that 3.813 or 819 are the best because they were the last pre-POP versions made. I'm not worried about POP where I live. 80-90% of LEOs here are on Ka.

    Should I just get a tune-up, or should I go for the upgrade to 3.872? Cost to upgrade is not an issue.


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    Default Re: Newb Question: Upgrade Firmware?

    If you tune up the 3.789 it will have be very sensitive (idk when ur last tune was) and be fine IMO since pretty much all users here with v1's run pop off....The only thing u gain with the 3.782 is the digital temperature gauge or w/e so if ur v1 needs to be sent in it will display an "E" code.....i have a 3.826 so it has an analog gauge thing and I just send it in annually for a tune. So...I would say just tune it up



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