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    Default Situation with old 1.7 Valentine.

    Ok, so on the forum I'm a member of, I tried to get a deal on a valentine, and bought one for $350 shipped, a guy said he'd buy one from somewhere and ship it to me, he told me it was 1.8, which is why I agreed to buy it.

    In between the radar arriving, I looked at the local pawnshop and found a 1.8 for $90! So I instantly bought that one

    Turns out I get the radar that I bought for $350 and it's not 1.8, it's 1.7. I told him about it and asked him if he could send me $95, which is half the cost to upgrade it to 1.8, and he agreed.

    So now, I'm in this situation where I have a 3.856? I think? Valentine and a 2.something 1.7 Valentine.

    If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

    Try to sell the 1.7 as is? How much can I get for a 1.7? Ideally I would want to get $255, as that would be what I bought it for practically.

    Upgrade the 1.7 and try to sell it on eBay?

    Upgrade the 1.7 use the new one they send back as my Main radar and try to sell the 3.856? How much would that sell for?


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    Default Re: Situation with old 1.7 Valentine.

    I would keep the 3.856 and actually send that in to Valentine research to get tuned up. $45

    Then just sell the 1.7...its not worth it to be fooling around with it and upgrading it.

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    Default Re: Situation with old 1.7 Valentine.

    Before you decide what to upgrade and what to sell, call Valentine and make sure that neither of the units you have are stolen. If you have a stolen unit, Valentine won't touch it. Whether or not they'll turn your a$$ in has yet to be discussed on this forum during my tenure.




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