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    Default V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    What do you think about that movie listed below:
    [ame=]YouTube - Valentine 1 -v- Arizona DPS Photo Radar Van[/ame] . In USA low-power photoradars have been for a while. Has anyone of you met that photoradar on your way yet? I am wondring, is it truth?

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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm


    The last photo van I ran into in Illinois was a 'normal' high power unit. Got a warning off my V1 for over a mile. I have not seen or ran into any others lately.

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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    i think those units are only in AZ tho

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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    Yeah, the video is real and has been seen here several times before. So far I've only heard it used here in Az, but photo radar does give the opportunity for extremely low power, near-perpendicular mounts that make it impractical to detect by an even extremely sensitive radar detector.

    If you live in such areas, having a GPS based alerting system is becoming a better and better idea, such as Cheetah's discrete unit.

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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    Id take the low power and 5 beeps over the photo laser vans we use to have, you had 0 feet. If you did not see the little warning sign the LEO put up as he did his set up or the hidden van you were toast EVERY time, no warning until you were in the beam.


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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    Unless the photo radar van parks in the same spot all the time, the GPS warning would not be very useful. The GPS is really meant for fixed cameras.

    How was it determined that the photo radar van was clocking vehicles at 200 feet?


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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    I was in Phoenix area this weekend. I had a lot better range on my V1 than shown in this video against those photo radar vans. I was impressed with the range I had. I have never experienced photo radar vans before.

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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    This is exactly what Iam seeing in Lafayette, LA. A company call REDFLEX operates the speed vans (2) here along with the redlight camers (to many to count) is a game changer as they say in the video....K band 24.1....V1 and STi about the same range....Poor!

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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    I live out in the PHX area, and it can vary.

    Some of the vans definitely have this low power. The first sound I get is usually just before the "Photo Enforcement" sign which is 300 feet out.

    Although, I have gotten longer alerts, and even a van with Ka this morning (not DPS, but Mesa Police). So it isn't 100%, but they do exist.

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    Default Re: V1 - 3-4s K-band alarm

    I wonder how a 9500ci would do against it...



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