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    Default Effectiveness of visor clip mount

    Hey gang,

    I use the normal mount for my V1, but we're taking my wife's car to Vegas this weekend and I want to have the detector with me. Still, I don't like taking the suction cups on and off the dash so I was thinking of using the visor clip (still in the box).

    Is it any good, or does it vastly pale in comparison to the regular mount?

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    Default Re: Effectiveness of visor clip mount

    It depends on a few things:

    1. How level your unit is when affixed using the visor mount.

    2. If the unit is obscured by dots/windshield tint (Please do not chastise me for saying this because you have seen no adverse effects...etc, some do/do not mind their V1 being behind them, I am merely just pointing it out).

    3. Will you mind not being able to use your visor.

    4. How secure is your visor in keeping the V1 from bouncing around.

    The list goes on, but those are just a few that came off the top of my head. Most prefer using the suction mount. I use my visor mount and made a custom bracket so I could have the suction mount available for other vehicles. As seen here




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