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    Default v1 mounting on sun visor

    I would like to mount my v1 using the sun visor mount is their any risk of doing this ? When mounted on the sun visor the v1 is kinda upword its not as level as i would like. Does this really matter ? Just want my v1 the highest i can get it to pick up radar better and i/o.

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    Default Re: v1 mounting on sun visor

    See here, a thread that was made only a few days prior to this one. Don't forget the search

    Effectiveness of visor clip mount


    P.S. Yes it matters than your V1 is pointed upward/ needs to be level, or you may as well use a cobra.

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    Default Re: v1 mounting on sun visor

    Levelling is not at all that critical with a V1. A few degrees of deflection is not going to make a notable difference in radar performance.

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