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    new zealand..te atatu

    Default 1.7km on photo radar

    1.7km on photo radar
    yes thats right first hit
    lost signal couple hundred m later as i aproached the bend
    v1 picked up just after 65 but held signal longer
    weather was superb
    so think signal was easier to pick up

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    1700 meter not bad!

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    new zealand..te atatu

    Default un believeable
    have put all details on the bel site
    but was ka 34.6
    drive this bit of rd every day no falses no hits
    went round twice on my bike with the 65(it was on the motorwy just from my house
    then went home set up both on windscreen of car and did it another 4 times..yep im a nutter
    im telling you that was it
    have never had more than 400 m on the 65 and 550 on the v1 ive had for 2wks
    had 65 on tec mode and had v1 with ka guard off ( did ot pick it up till 500m with it on)
    came over hill and had first hit then continued for 400 m going down very small incline of about 5 degrees then both lost signal as had cnr ahead picked up signal again as cnr staightened up
    if you know the nth western motway in auck ..was heading to town an came over hill at te atatu sth and had hit just after over bridge
    camera was just past partiki rd offramp
    you dont have to believe but f .. me its true

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    Nice hit phill. So you reckon that the V1 pick up better with Ka guard off :shock:

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    yep 8)
    but have tryed both on and off
    on, def keeps one hit wonders/falses down(still not many ,only about 1-2 on way hm from work)
    but if i was on the bike on the open rd id have it turned off just incase the rd picked up a sniff of a signal.
    still getting used to v1 but am enjoying the arrows
    65 falses on laser in 3 dif spots/mobile tel repeaters always nearby
    but v1 quiet as a mouse
    have you had any true laser hits from the police and what sort of distance

    have just got sound and played your email of the mb camera hits
    great narration
    again thanks for the v1 assesory block/adapter
    need to get line from v1 to the block you gave me.
    the bloody shops only sell it with the block not seperate
    and find out how to get ear phone to beep/alert once the signal gets sent down the data line on the accessory plug line 8) 8)



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