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    Hi guys, I finally tinted my windows, but I did some research, finally installed the "ceramic tint" from F1, the guy promsed me there would be no interference with the radar detector, because the ceramic tint don't have metal in it, they are more expensive, but they look awesome, and honsetly, I did not see a difference in my usual route to work on the radar capabilities, Again, maybe some of you have more info, plese post it here, I hope if someone was having the same question about tint and radar detector, this helped.
    BTW, V1's are amazing, they saved me a bunch of times already, including once it warned me about laser from 2 motorcycle cops right before a curve on the highway, the thing chirped twice and I slowed down, and like 5 seconds after, I see them behind some bushes and under a bridge, I waved at them they reminded me of chips heh..
    the best investement I put on my car so far.

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    My V1 sits behind 15% tint and it's just as accurate as before I had the tint on. Obviously the test is with constant radar sources such as grocery door openers and stuff, but yeah it's all good

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    Just got mine 3 weeks ago, and after trying it up high above the rear view mirror on my car, it performed the same, if not better high and behind the tint strip than mid- way to mirror in the middle of the wind shield.



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