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    I have owned several Passports most recently the new 9500ix.

    It was a very quiet radar detector... it eliminated the false alarms and was whisper quiet.

    I loved it for this. However... it was not sensative at all. I was unimpressed in this area by the detector.

    I have had Passports that did not have the true lock feature and that falsed a lot and after awhile I became desensatized to the alarms and found myself speeding when I shouldnt have been.

    Im afraid this may happen with the V1. How much more sensative is the V1 than the Passport 9500ix???

    Thanks guys

    I have an S2000 with a lot of work done to it and the thing flies. Im going to get snagged again I can feel it and I will loose my license. My insurance is already jacked up!

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    Not much, if any, depending on conditions. And the V1 will desensitize you more than any passport.

    Also, search (and GOL) is your friend
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    Unfortunately, there is a lot more to the quality of a detector than sensitivity. Reaction time and situational awareness are also important keys to maximum effectiveness.

    There is hardly a noticeable difference in sensitivity between the V1 and the 9500. The V1 is usually just a tad stronger, but not significantly. That wouldn't be my prime point of choice.

    The question left is would you prefer quiet, or would you prefer situational awareness and better reaction time? That's what the choice comes down to. But based just on what you have said so far, it sounds like you're just not into detectors enough to appreciate a V1, and need a quieter, more plug-and-play device like the 9500.

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    The v1 i find is a bit more sensitive and has better range than my dad's 9500I. That said you have to drive smart if you are on the verge of losing your license. Dont let it loose if you are alone on the road, drive with people try not to stick out, driving 10 mph slower > going to court on the bus.
    Oh and i forgot turn off X band on your v1 if you arent in NJ that will help with the falses
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    I have had detectors for numerous years. Just always been a fan of the Passports and not so much the Valentine. But I am tempted to try one.

    I want better range. That is what I am after. The range I found on the 9500i and the 9500ix was lousy.

    I had the 9500ix and it really did not have the best radar detection range. Seemed it only went off when right on top of someone.

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    Had a passport hardwired into my Ducati:

    Then had an led light in my helmet that would show when it picked up radar:

    Like I was saying the passports are great detectors. I like all the advanced features just not the range capabilities. The situational awareness and the ability of the V1 to inform you of multiple threats at the same time is a cool feature.

    I see they have the V1 through Valentines websight for 399.00 is this a good price?

    I also like the mod where different colored led lights are put into the gizmo.

    thanks for any help

    The power of the Passports seriously was very unimpressive. Literally had to be on top of radar for it to be picked up. And I ran highway mode all the time with no X.

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