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    Exclamation READ THIS FIRST! - Archived Stickies

    Important threads:

    K Band Automute settings WalkThrough for Newbies
    So I programmed my K automute via sticky thread

    J out Tricks and FAQ:
    Explanation of the V1 & J OUT info (Tricks)

    Comparison of A and big L modes:

    Software versions:
    V1 Software Versions vs. Performance
    Serial Number, Software Version, Manufacturing Date - The Definitive Answer

    Getting a colored V1 concealed display:
    COLOR Valentine One Displays

    Buying a V1 on ebay, what you need to know:
    Buying a used Valentine 1 - What you need to know

    INTERNAL PICTURES OF THE VALENTINE ONE (pre-laser and current generations)

    What does Valentine Research look like? Pics Inside!

    Technical info:
    Rigging a remote mute button...signal? (power / hardwire / mute schematics)
    HOW TO: V1 Remote Audio Adapter Mod
    Why didn't my V1 alert to a speed sign? (CW vs. FM-CW)
    Minimum pulse length info (response time / delay / QT)

    Mike Valentine on the forum:
    Mike Valentine-The Final Word and Truth about V1

    If you create a thread asking something that is answered in any of these stickies, or can be easily found using the search function, your thread may be locked / deleted without warning!

    Please let me know if you feel a thread is missing here
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