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    Default Connection Issues. Please Help.

    I recently posted about installing a mute button for my V1. I finally got around to doing it and immediately ran into a huge problem. When i connect everything, the button just doesn't work. To make it work, I have to hold the wire on the Valentine One in. Now i've tried about everything. I took the unit off and inspected the connections, which all look solid. Nothing is loose, i changed out the wire, i changed out the mute button (luckily i bought two). I would changed out the direct power adapter, but i dont have another. Anyway the problem is at the V1 connection. I ran into the same problem awhile back when i put a remote display in. I had to hold the wire in and down for it to work. As soon as i let go, it wouldn't show anything. I really don't want to send my unit it! Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Look into the V1's RJ11 plug and see if all six wire contacts appear to be straight (no bends in any of them). If that looks good, you could get a cheap RJ11 crimp tool at your local Radio Shack or Lowes and re-crimp the existing RJ11 plugs on the end of the power cable. Only do this when the cable is not plugged into vehicle power since the metal crimp bar within the crimp tool does short across all six connectors on the RJ11 plug when you crimp the plug.

    If this still hasn't resolved the problem, open up your V1 and lift off the bottom cover. You will see six solder pads, numbered 1, 2, 5, and 6, on the circuit board where the RJ11 jack is located. Use a Q-tip to apply a very small amount of solder paste to these six connections and then reflow these connections with either a 15 or 20 watt soldering iron which has a fine tip on it. I prefer Radio Shack's 15 watt soldering iron. Hold the soldering iron tip to each of the six connections for no more than 3 seconds in order to reflow each of the solder connections. Once all six contacts have been reflowed, use Q-tips moistened with isopropyl alcohol to wipe the contacts and surrounding circuit board in order to remove the excess solder flux. That should fix any cold solder joints for the V1 RJ11 jack's circuit board connections.

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    Default Re: Connection Issues. Please Help.

    That sounds like a good idea. Do you know what tool i would use to open it up?

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    Default Re: Connection Issues. Please Help.

    Hmm. Didn't work. Im not sure if I did it right, but unless anyone else has some suggestions, I think I will have to send it in.



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