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    My V1 is should be coming in tomorrow, and I plan on hard wiring it in. The car it's going in, an 08 sti, and has a grid like tint directly above the rear view mirror, which from my understanding would be the best place. The question I have is considering that the high center isn't an option, do I place it in the center under the rear view mirror (sacrificing elevation) or off to the side, about 10" (max) off center to conserve elevation? I would think elevation is more important...but that would only be a guess on my part.



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    Elevation is paramount for both performance and concealment. Below the mirror = fail.

    Don't discount the grid tint until you test to see if it actually makes a difference. It usually does not.

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    Off to the center is just fine. Don't place it under the RVM.



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