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    Talking V1 eats redflex for dinner

    Well I have finally had a play with one of these super duper K band speed camera's and what do ya know plenty of warning. I made plenty of passers with all three setting each in turn. POP off driving to the cam I got 225 meters then with pop on about 300 meters then in Euro mode and man that just destroyed that red line with 500 meters detection!!!!!!!(note don't use Euro mode in New Zealand you will miss all the other in car cop radar ) Now the thing is guy's the ramp up was one bar until just before I was in the beam then full alert real fast. Interesting isn't it VR say that the V1's at about full alert when your in range and so it seems to be. Some of you out there say your V1's just not preforming on the red line K band cam I would suggest get it upgraded to .863 or later. If you have already and still no good you have a sick V1.
    So to all the New Zealand STI bellboy's enjoy your three bar detection and your voice alert after you have been photo. Now that K band has hit New Zealand (and I'm pretty sure the cop's are going to be getting some in car K band units they are up to something at the Mo) your are gonna need arrows and a bogey counter. Or maybe you could get it upgraded oh that's right bell don't do that.
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