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    Default V1 save lastnight from I/O K and C/O Ka

    Wife and i where on our way back from the local Walmart lastnight when i rounded a lil curve to have the V1 light up with K-band with the forward arrow lit up,then it ramped down.Then all of a sudden it ramped up again but this time i got a 2-bogey count.My wife asked me what was that so i explained that the forward arrow meant the leo was ahead of us and the two meant that there where two k-band signals ahead and that the leo was using I/O.The leo was running I/O with his front and rear antenna.He was sitting parked off to our right on the grass in the trees in the dark.After passing him with my K band arrow going to the rear,my front arrow started flashing with Ka band.About 15seconds later,we pass a county sherriff running constant on Ka.The arrows,bogey counter and steady rampup make the V1 the best i have ever owned,It takes all of the guess work out of the encounters!!

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    Default Re: V1 save lastnight from I/O K and C/O Ka

    The Strength Display paired with the Bogey Counter and Arrows make it very easy to identify 'falses' from real threats.



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