So our first day we drive to Jasper, AB on highway 40, to split up the trip a little (it is a 11hr drive!) 20 minutes out of the city and I am getting a rear Ka blip followed by a 'J' out and I'm thinking "Am I getting followed by a Cobra user?" Then I get a forward Ka blip and no 'J' out. The group of cars I am in is going only the speed limit and I don't know why they are not passing the lead car. Then when we are going around a corner I notice that the lead car is a brown Crown Vic ghost car! He is being very selective on his I/O Ka shots. He doesn't hit every car coming towards him, he doesn't shoot the truck pulling the holiday trailer, but waits for the car travelling a distance behind the holiday trailer. It was great watching him hunt his prey, my V1 shows another forward burst and then silence as he waits for bigger prey. Around a corner, a silver Porsche Boxster appears and bang! This is the prey he was looking for! The ghost car slows down in the middle of the road (2 way traffic) and just about causes a 4 car rear ender and then takes off after the Boxster.
The next day we are travelling in the Banff National Park on the Icefield Parkway road. We encounter many types of radar/laser traps during this part of the trip. The speed limit is only 90km/h through the national park so we are travelling at 100-110 km/h. I get drilled by a laser speed trap when I crest a hill. I think he was just setting up and didn't come after me. 20 minutes later I get nailed by a rolling KA hit doing about 10km/h over the limit and I get the finger wag from the officer as he drives by me on the opposite side. Lucky again! 5 minutes later I notice another RCMP coming towards me around a corner so I hit the brakes before he shoots me with KA. I slow down to the speed limit and wait for a rabbit. I am not risking a ticket without one again. Too many corners and hills on this road.
Well, that's my story, not too much to report on the way home but man was I lucky this trip.