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    Default Using L mode on freeway?

    Just wanted to see if anyone here uses the L mode on freeways?

    I have tried it but I'm afraid that I might miss something.

    I have enabled my automute for 30seconds for k band and turned off x band and pop.

    Maybe for the settings above, the little l would be alright.

    At mute volume at least heard, i think it would be safe or maybe not.

    As a noob, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    I personally run mine in "A" mode all the time. If you feel comfortable running it in either logic modes then go ahead.

    Directly from the manual:

    In the All-Bogeys® ( ) mode, all bogeys will be reported
    as soon as they are detected. Use your judgment to decide
    whether or not they are threats.

    In the Logic® ( ) and Advanced-Logic® ( ) modes, you are
    deferring to the internal computer which will use its own
    logic to screen bogeys before reporting them to you.
    In Logic, X-band bogeys the computer judges to be
    non-threatening will be reported at the “muted” volume. If
    they become threatening, the audio warning will upgrade
    to the “initial” volume before you are within radar range.

    In Advanced-Logic, X-band bogeys that the computer has
    reason to believe aren’t radar will not be reported at all.
    One exception: To be failsafe, the computer will always
    pass extremely strong signals along for your judgment.
    This mode is particularly useful in metro areas.
    The computer is smart: It never operates the receiving
    circuits at less than maximum sensitivity and it knows that
    Instant-on is a greater threat than ordinary radar. So it will
    always warn you immediately at the “initial” volume when
    those radars are

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    Here in SLC, we have large multi-lane overpasses with complicated lights. My X band always goes off when near them. I think L would make sense for this type of environment.

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    I run mine in little L mode when in the metro area with K band muting set at 30 sec. On the highway I use A mode. I don't think I would use big L mode anywhere as it does suppress K band alerts.

    I also have POP and X band off on the V1.
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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    If you were to run A mode at all, the highway would be the best place. I run A mode all the time, anywhere. Typically I can tell a non-threat just by how the source is picked up. Start getting a low warning very close to a exit and as the exit gets closer and closer it gets stronger. I usually only do 5-8 MPH over the limit if I ever get a warning like that just incase.

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    Run A mode on the highway.

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    I run A in city and on the highway. I know my street's falses like the back of my hand and I want to be the one to filter thee results. But no matter what, run your V1 in A mode on the highway.

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    For the city I just modified the little L mode with K band 30sec automute, also disabled x band alerts. For highway travel, A mode for sure.

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    I run in little l all the time. No bands are disabled, although I have heard X band isn't used in my state (Florida).

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    Default Re: Using L mode on freeway?

    Quote Originally Posted by justin81 View Post
    I run in little l all the time. No bands are disabled, although I have heard X band isn't used in my state (Florida).
    I don't have the article,(I believe Jimbonzz posted it some time ago) but I know that it is illegal for Florida law enforcement to write a citation for a speed violation using any radar bands other than K & Ka.

    Do yourself a favor and turn X-band off. You do not need it in Florida.
    Plus, you will love how much quieter your V1 becomes.



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