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    Default Poor man's V1 color display

    Has anyone tried to color the V1 color display panel with some type of color marker or other to change the red display to some other color? I don't want to pay for the LED change and I was wondering if there a way to do this before I experiment. I was also thinking of getting a thin colored plastic sheet and cut out the small circles and glue onto the display.

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    Default Re: Poor man's V1 color display

    Some folks on here have tried it but it seems that the red always bleeds through and you can't really get much of a color change this way. I'd experiment with different colors and see what you get...

    Trust me, the colored CD is worth it...

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    Default Re: Poor man's V1 color display

    I believe the LED's are red. If you know how to solder, you can experiment this.
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    Default Re: Poor man's V1 color display

    Get the colored CD.



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