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    Default driving into Montana, Idaho and Washington state

    Just wanted to know if I can use my V1 without an issue in Montana, Idaho and Washington state.

    I'm going to be going to Los Angeles and wanted to make sure that I won't get my radar detected taken away.

    Also is it safe to say that I can disable X band on my detector in those states?

    My uncle was telling me that Idaho is crazy for troopers. Can someone confirm this?


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    not here.

    Default Re: driving into Montana, Idaho and Washington state

    It's safe to use, but you know what CA has a lot of.

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    Default Re: driving into Montana, Idaho and Washington state

    No problem using it in Washington State.
    LOTS of cops on the west side.
    I still some using X band here and there- State patrol use instant on a lot.
    I've also seen more laser around. Maybe 15% of the time I'll actually pick up the laser when they hit the person in front of me.




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