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    Default Valentine One Pre PoP wanted

    I just decided that I want one the the Pre Pop version that everybody is talking about it. I found one on ebay and I was wondering how much would you buy it for, the guy is not asking for a price yet, just bidding at the moment.

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    Default Re: Valentine One Pre PoP wanted

    I payed 275 for my 3.812 V1 + 45 dollars to get it tuned up.

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    Default Re: Valentine One Pre PoP wanted

    I paid 227 for my 2.879. Will prob be getting it tuned up as well

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    Default Re: Valentine One Pre PoP wanted

    i paid 200 for 3.813 and $45 for tuning ...

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    Default Re: Valentine One Pre PoP wanted

    Not to hijack the thread but here is the thing... I know that all of us want the 3.813 that thestaton has. We have also seen the real world sensitivity tests by djrams comapring v1 and ci. So keeping that difference in mind, here is the 34.7ka forward facing test that I pulled from the last GOL test.

    As you can see, its better than other v1's but still not as good as ci. So it comes down to the following

    1.Do you want a used detector that you know nothing about or just get a brand new one from v1.

    2. I think that particular v1 was really strong against 35.5. Is that the norm for all prepop v1s.

    I guess all I am saying is, that is it worth getting a used detector that is just marginally better than the latest ones available brand new.
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    Default Re: Valentine One Pre PoP wanted

    Would have to agree Bilybob, you can't even get 2 new detectors that perform at the same level.



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