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    Default Hardwired V1 - loose modular plug connection?

    I have my V1 hardwired next to the rear view mirror. I typically take the V1 down if I'm going to be away from my car for an extended period (like at work). I leave the mount up and the modular plug dangling (the plug doesn't stick out much). The other day I noticed that the modular plug doesn't "snap" into place when I plug it into the V1. On the other hand, I can't remember if it ever did. The connection is very snug when I plug it in, I doubt it would come loose while I'm driving. I looked at the business end of the plug and the hook is intact. Is it not supposed to snap?

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    Default Re: Hardwired V1 - loose modular plug connection?

    Yes, it should snap in. I had this issue when I frequently remove the power chord - the snap wears from frequent use. You may have to run another chord.

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    Default Re: Hardwired V1 - loose modular plug connection?

    Don't run another cord, get RJ11 crimping tool and a bag of clips.
    Make sure the RJ11 clips are four lead not two or six.
    Before you cut make sure what wire color goes on what end.
    It's easy and it comes out as tight as new.

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    Default Re: Hardwired V1 - loose modular plug connection?

    Try carefully bending the clip out away from the plug. Modular plugs not snapping into place is usually caused by the clip being bent inward.

    Take it easy though, as the clip can break off easily. If it does, it's easy to crimp on a new plug. I've had to replace mine once or twice already.
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