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    Default "A" Mode Question

    I run in "A" mode all of the time with "X" turned off., also POP off. I am considering "K" auto mute. Can auto mute be used if I run in "A" all of the time? Any gotcha's by doing this? Howwould you program "K" auto mute using "A" only?

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    Auto mute only works in the "L" modes.

    But if you're wanting to use auto mute in the first place, the minimal extra filtering that the V1 puts on K band in L mode will be a non-issue for you anyway. With X off, there's a minimal difference between A mode and the logic modes.

    But the upside is, when you're on the highway and want full sensitivity to K band, you can just switch back to "A" mode.
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    have you even tried the logic modes ?
    if you move the Volume Lever to max, any muted alerts are still audible


    a door-opener or a speed-sign can be a great location for learning
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