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    Default V1 settings for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia?

    N00B ALERT!

    I did some searching and found a lot of posts on PA and OH settings. I travel through PA, WV, and OH on a regular basis. Occasionally into MD. I'd like to avoid re-programming on a regular basis, and I'm trying to figure out a program that will work for me. So far I'm thinking this:

    1) UP (X-band on for Ohio)

    2) UP (K-band on for PA)

    3) UP (K-band for OH and WV)

    4) UP (Laser for OH)

    5) UP (Normal - should I change this for any good reason?)

    6) UP (Guard on)

    7) DOWN (Enable b-g features)

    8) UP (Mute volume set by lever)

    A) UP (Volume set by knob)

    B, C, D) DOWN-UP-DOWN (Need some help here - Is 5 seconds of K mute too much in PA? Not enought? I worry about excessive falsing . I will HEAR it in both "L" modes, just muted. What is the consensus???)

    E) UP (Unmute at 4 lights - I think this is prudent. I want to know if the signal goes past 4)

    F) UP (Need help here as well - does 4 lights override 6 lights? Logically, this makes sense - just want to be sure.

    G) DOWN (Mute rear K-band. Since PA can't shoot and move, they won't be rolling up behind me unless pacing. What about OH/WV? Does rear K-band mute work with the B,C,D auto-mute settings or must it be set here?)

    H) UP (Ku off)

    I) UP (Test off)

    J) DOWN (Thinking about turning POP off. OK to do? My research suggest off...)

    u/) Off

    I think the above is solid, but I could be way off since I've been away from this for so long. My big questions are B/C/D, F, and G - these are the ones I'm trying to rationalize myself through.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Default Re: V1 settings for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia?

    Theres almost no point in running Kmute at 5 seconds. You will be alerted in small l but you will not be alerted in Big L (when "muting" is kicked in).

    Run in small l and bump k mute delay up.

    Make sure your display is in clear view for driver. That is, in my opinion the big trick with V1. The display is 1/2 the alert. In small l the display "alerts" to everything immediately.

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    Default Re: V1 settings for Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia?



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