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    Default Question About Program Mode

    I have a brand new V1. When I enter the unit's serial number on the V1 page I get the following message:

    "V1 Description: Radar circuitry known in-house as V1.8—POP2 with Euro Mode. This is our latest and best performer on both radar and laser.

    Upgrade Recommendation: You already have our best."

    When I turn on the unit the "P" symbol flashes momentarily which, according to the website, indicates that the unit's programming has been changed from factory settings. I have not changed any of the programming. Do I need to go into the programming mode to figure out what has been changed?

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    Default Re: Question About Program Mode

    Look more closely, you're probably seeing it flash "P...o...P" which means POP is enabled.

    A brand-new V1 ships from the factory with all factory default settings, which includes POP being on.

    Now if you see a "P" with various LEDs flashing on the display for a second, then that's telling you something was changed in programming mode.
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    Default Re: Question About Program Mode

    I will double-check today. Thanks for your response.

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    Default Re: Question About Program Mode

    OK - I confirmed that on startup I actually get "P...o...P". Thanks for clarifying for me!



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