I was driving around on saturday and my v1 was in super sensitivity mode. I know the falses around town which i use to test my v1, but i was getting an extra ~700ft of sensitivity to one of my k-band falses (bunch of stores next to each other). Then I pulled into lowes parking lot and my bogey counter was going nuts and hit 9 for the first time ever. It was really weird, since i've driven in the same amount of traffic multiple times and haven't experienced anything like what i did that day. I drove around today but its been raining so i don't know if that would bog down my performance. I'll keep you guys posted, but has anyone experienced this before? Granted the extra sensitivity could of been a leo shooting qt/io k since i think it died (though leo's in my area aren't known for that and staties run ka) and my bogey counter was higher than usual, but the lowes parking lot was crazy, 9 bogeys!