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    Default Installation of V1 in Review Mirror

    I recently bought a used CL 600 which has a V1 installed in the review mirror (large cover on the back of the mirror, mirror is also one that dims bright lights). There is an on / off switch on the consule. The arrows are in the mirror itself, along with a strenght indicator, and some other lights (I do not have any manuals on this, but it seems to work great)... Mercedes dealership I took it to, said they would not have done any such custom work, so an independent shop must have done it...

    A friend of mine just bought an M3 convertable, and would like to get his V1 installed in a similiar fashion. I bought the car at an auction (through a friend), so I cannot contact the prior owner. So, I am wondering if anyone else has installed their V1's this way, and if so, if you know someone who can do this type of work (I live outside Chicago). Appreciate anyone's help.

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    Default Re: Installation of V1 in Review Mirror

    Quote Originally Posted by taxfocus
    I recently bought a used CL 600... I bought the car at an auction (through a friend), so I cannot contact the prior owner.
    Pretty much what Jimbonzzz said. Sounds like a very stealthy setup. Just make sure to get all the cocaine out of the car :wink:

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    Jimbonzzz... Awesome links... I did not realize that they would be so customized to his brand of vehicle... In case I ever have issues with mine, do you know any where with similiar solutions for a mercedes? Again, sincerly appreciate the help, you and this site is awesome...

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    I dont know of any similar stuff for Mercedes, it might be out there somewhere but I just don't know about it...


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    For the M3, the center brakelight may actually provide a better home for the whole V1 (if the housing size is anything like the coupe or sedan). The above links are interesting, but note that they mostly solve the "easy" problem of hiding the remote display (in the rearview). The harder problem is hiding the main V1 where it can receive both front and rear signals. It will rarely fit in the rearview. The remote display can be mounted anywhere within sight of the driver and has no need to be mounted high or without obstruction. The rearview mirror does not seem like a good place for the remote display since it can be seen at night from behind, IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbonzzz
    That last product "strealth one" is the bomb, WOW, have already been dreaming up my next vehicle a BMW 5 series, and that setup would be so sweet, not to mention a AL6, yeah baby!



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