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    Default V1 and vehicle safety

    I was just given a brand new V1 as a gift (nice friend, I know) and it arrived today. I'm excited to have an alert system for radar/laser... I'm not much of a speeder, but I do find that sometimes speed limits are below what the acceptable speed in relation to the current conditions should be, so it's nice to not be put in any sticky situations.

    None the less, I have the carrying case, but it bigger than I would have expected... about 1/3rd to 1/2 the size of my keyboard!

    Is it safe to take the power cord, cig lighter power source, and V1 with me, and leave the windshield mount up? I want to minimize the risk of theft, but is it the case that most theives will pass you by if they only see the window clip, or is leaving that out in the open like waving a bloody chicken in front of an alligator? I ask only because I don't know!

    Looking forward to using this thing, and hanging out here a bit more. Who knows, perhaps my unit is so new that the J bug has been fixed? I've only driven with it for about 30 minutes so far, and it did J out one bogey, but I never saw the source, so it seemed like a valid J. The "arrows" and counter are interminably confused when I come to a stop near some nice automatic doors though.

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    I live in an increasingly sketchy area but I have yet to have a problem leaving the mount on the windshield. Thing is, the mount is just behind the tint band so it's not exactly in plain sight. You can see it if you know what to look for but I don't think that the kind of teenage opportunist we tend to have around here would find a reason to break my window. I'd say take the main unit with you every single time, don't leave any other reasons to break in (expensive stereo, sattelite radio, etc.) and your risk should be low. After all, they can't steal what isn't there.



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