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    Default Hard wire to 2002 Cougar using "blue clip"

    Since my v1's hard wire kit came with the little blue clip, I want to use it and wire up directly to the wire being used by an accessory fuse (probably radio). This is the adapter that cuts through the rubber insulation of a wire and lets you plug in the red wire of the v1's kit. I just have no how to find out what wires are for each fuse on my vehicle. The owners manual only shows what the fuses are for, not which wires are associated with each one. If you could direct me where to find an appropriate diagram, or if any of you know how to pick the right 12V switched wire that would be great. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Hard wire to 2002 Cougar using "blue clip"

    I'm pretty sure you'll be looking for a Yellow and Black wire, this might be a Yellow wire with a black stripe, or a black wire with a yellow stripe.

    It might say 12 volt switched, or 12 volt ignition on it.

    Car Wire Color Codes

    Mercury would be a Ford company, so those should be your color codes.

    Hope this is what you were looking for.

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    Default Re: Hard wire to 2002 Cougar using "blue clip"

    I see both a thicker yellow wire w/ black stripe and a thinner black wire w/ yellow stripe coming out of the fuse box. Any clue which one I can hard wire into? I may need to go buy a voltage tester.. Should I just unscrew my radio and see which one of them (hopefully) comes out of the back? Thanks.
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