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    I haven't seen a whole lot of forum members with this version. I did see where on release there were some bugs with this version and they were used in GOL testing in 2006. Any old timers have any history? Seems to perform well against my STI-R but would like some history. Thanks in advance.

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    Wasn't this version prone to the "E" error?

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    I haven't seen that with this particular unit but I did run across a post that had several owners turning them back in. Can't seem to find the old post though when searching if you are not verbatim most of the time you won't get rhe post.

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    I used to own a 3.851 and I owned a 3.826, I didn't like either one of those. Now I'm using a 3.872 and like this one a lot. My 3.851 just seemed off to me so I sold it. My particular 3.851 was really hot on X band, too bad I don't need X band.



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