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    Smile is time to Upgrade my v1 v 1.8?


    Is time to upgrade my V1 or not?

    Country: Chile.

    Laser Guns in use (Prolaser III,Trafipatrol xr,truespeed)

    the only Ka band use is a EAGLE® II Series Radar From KUSTOMSIGNALS

    NO k BAND


    My valentine is

    Valentine one v 1.8

    sw 3.715

    Also I have a blinder m25 J16

    Is necesary upgrade my v1?

    Andres C

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    Default Re: is time to Upgrade my v1 v 1.8?

    If your Valentine 1 hasnt been sent in for a tune within the past 2 years i would get a tune up - $45....i mean if it was me i would just pay the $150 or somewhere around there for the new 3.872 upgrade but its up to u. Also, if u have the money i would upgrade to a LI system instead of your blinders because of the Traffipatrol that is being used...

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    Default Re: is time to Upgrade my v1 v 1.8?


    I have a small car (renault clio) and I tested my blinder m25 j16 vs The Traffipatrol xr (with the dealer in chile)
    And the blinder did a excelent job vs Traffipatrol xr.

    Maybe is the best chose send the v1 to get a tune up.

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