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    Default Running the V1 and Redline

    I have been running the V1 and Redline together for about 2 weeks now.The Redline has excellent front radar capabilities but very poor rear detection.I had passed a stationary LEO with a customer.The Redline stopped alerting less than a half mile later.Meanwhile the V1 was still alerting after I turned off over a mile away.

    On another encounter pretty much the same thing.The Redline alerted once briefly as the V1 continued to alert toward the rear.Just some of my obeservations the last couple of days.

    Without the arrows I would have known which direction the LEO was.I am glad to have kept the V1 over the other RD's I have tried over the last several months.

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    Default Re: Running the V1 and Redline

    Yes, the V1 and Redline make a great pair. I run them together as well.

    Naturally the V1 has better rear detection because it has a rear antenna.

    The Redline (and all other non-V1 RDs) are dependent on reflections to pick up rear radar with a front antenna.
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