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    Default Ka band performance

    I've done my research on the V1 in regards to K band and laser, but I'd like to know a little more about the Ka band. I've made a poll.


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    I'm presently in the US on holidays.
    So I'm using my V1 with Lifespeed's Display.
    Ka reception is excellent. Not one J alert yet.

    NY Staties have been very co-operative supplying lots of Ka to detect.

    Lifespeed's display is amazing. (Especially at night)..... 8)

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    My V1 Ka reception is excellent. Ka and LIDAR are the main threats where I live.

    I have picked up instant-on Ka bursts from troopers sampling traffic at least a half mile away on several occasions. I've also had Ka alerts over a hill about 10-15 seconds before seeing the moving LEO coming towards me.

    Ka is definitely the most difficult radar band to pick up for any detector, but I've been very happy with the V1 performance. My original 8500 was also very good for Ka but my X50 is a little weaker.

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    When i mounted my .825 high in my Bus this is no lie i got a 5.5 mile ka insant on hit. So you could say its not faulty and the ka is not so bad 8)



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