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    Default Valintine 1 for western australia

    I currently have a bell rx65, it was my first rd and I was soooo disapointed, it was usefull at giving 1second warnings! As far as I know,it may not have been the bel rx65's fault, it just is not suited to western australia. Its mostly multinovas that are used here and its legal to use a rd. So here's my question, Is the valintine one suited to Western australia? Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    I think the v1 would do better. However I also think you may need to vertically mount your radar detector (either the v1 or rx65) to pickup the Multinova effectively.

    Do a quick search for Multinova on this forum and see what you get.

    This bracket may help you wih the mounting.

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    The Guys of Lidar did some testing w/vertical mounted units, link is below. You might also check out Youtube, there's a ton of videos w/various detectors facing off against the Multinova. However, in answer to your question, the V1 would proabably be a good unit in your situation. The V1 has very fast response time to weak signals, the Bel & Escort units tend to have to 'think' about it a little more.

    Radar Detector Tests and Reviews by Guys of LIDAR - LASER

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    Thanks for the replys, Ive now ordered my valentine and should have it within the next two weeks(from US to Australia). Im going to be glad not to have to thrust the bel rx 65 any more,It let me down again this weekend, Im glad I had the police scanner on!

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    If it really is mostly Multinovas there's something you should know.

    Some of their models are horizontally polarized, which means your basic detector mount that holds it parallel to the ground puts it at exactly the wrong angle to pick them up.

    This video demonstrates the effect. It shows how rotating the detector affects reception of the vertically polarized door openers, so the effect is opposite for the Multinovas. I know that looks like a good distance he's sitting from the door opener, but it wouldn't be if you're driving, and with the low power I could see you getting 1 second warning.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Microwave Door Opener Polarization Demonstration[/ame]

    You can buy mounts that hold your detector vertically. Can't post links but google knows.

    Edit: Two weeks for shipping!? I only had to wait two days and I could hardly contain myself.
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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    I had some a couple of scary close calls with my rx 65. I then followed recommendations on this board to run it in hwy mode all the time. That certainly helped the detection range for these photoradar uints.

    Then I ordered a V1, like you...just because I wanted one. You will surely find a much greater detection range compared with the RX 65.

    I haven't experimented with mounting my V1 on its side -- no need. It sniffs out multanovas very effectively indeed.

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    I cant wait to get my hands on it now. Another gadget for me to play with! It looks like I will have to look into some good rear coverage too as today I got a ticket in the post with a picture of the back of my car. Bloody speeding fines! At least I was not going very quick when it did me so the fine is fairly small.

    Im driving a ute/pickup truck(depending where yer from) with a canopy on the back, this means i know have three pains of glass instead of the usuall one back window(all of which are tinted). Will the valantine work for sensing car mounted cameras behind me or will the tint and all the glass stop it working?

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    Hey mate, I'm a fellow V1 user in West Oz.

    I had the RX65 which provided very poor range against Multanova speed cameras.
    I bought a vertical bracket which improved the RX65 significantly but I still couldn't trust it as it was inherently inconsistent against the 34.3Ghz Multanova.
    I upgraded to the Escort X50 + Vertical Bracket (through Delonix Radar) which I had for about a year. Many, many saves with the X50+Vert Bracket but it wasn't great on rear facing set ups.
    Then came the V1. Win I have the vertical bracket for it but have found no need to use it so far. It provides plenty of warning on the factory bracket.

    Regarding the 3 layers of glass in your ute: you don't need rear detection against speed cameras. You want to pick them up from the front regardless of which way they are facing. You're aiming to pick up scatter (which the V1 is brilliant at doing!)

    In terms of dash mounted police radar: I think you will find that the V1 is sensitive enough to pick up K-Band radar through 3 panes of glass. I wouldn't bother about upgrading rear detection.

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    Here are a few videos that I made:
    [ame=""]YouTube - X50 v RX65 detecting Multanova, Perth WA - Test 1[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Escort X50 Vertical vs Horizontal Head to Head Shootout[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - V1 vs Multanova[/ame]

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    Default Re: Valintine 1 for western australia

    Great vids mate and thanks for the advice.The vertical mount made a huge difference. But, check out the V1! It sure does kick ass. Whenever it arrives im going on the search for multinovas!



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