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    Default Just Love Them Over There At V1 Research

    So, I tested a few things before I sent my device into them, as there was an INSANE amount of rear detection of laser, see here:
    Constant Rear Laser Detection...

    With that, I borrowed a friends V1 who doesnt do as much driving as I do and then tested to make sure it was just mine. It was just mine and off it went to V1.

    So, without any phone calls or questions, I just get a FedEx Package today and in it is the repaired V1, free of charge and calibrated and stuff...

    So Awesome... just SO AWESOME!

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    Default Re: Just Love Them Over There At V1 Research

    nice to know your issue has been resolved

    your unit was promptly repaired, with . . .
    no grief from VR

    life is good - -

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    Default Re: Just Love Them Over There At V1 Research

    Yeah, VR (especially the techs who work on the units: namely the one I always get: Mike) are top-notch in the CS department.

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    Default Re: Just Love Them Over There At V1 Research

    VR is the best and the the laser detection on the v1 both front and rear are amazing



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