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    Default Front Antenna Testing updated

    Hey guys,
    I thought i had a front antenna problem so i did some test to see if there really was a problem.

    First test:
    I drove by a super market (constant K) and kept driving until the rear arrow stop going off.
    THEN i turned the car around and drove to the spot where the rear antenna stoping going off, and the front arrow came on around that same spot. So front antenna seem ok for K band

    Second test:
    As i was driving to the library, I had a brief weak KA singal, 1 or 2 meter. I thought this was strange becuase i NEVER had a KA band going off on this road becuase i travel on this road at least 5 times a day. I thought it was a false at first but didn't want to take my chances. SO i kept driving and there was a car in front of me ( apox 1/2 mile). And when the car passed the spot where the LEO was hiding, i had the brief weak KA singal( i'm aprox 1/2 mile from where the LEO is). As i approach the LEO my KA began to increaslly go up.
    I took this chance to test my radar so i turn the car around and drive toward the LEO, and as i pass it, neither front or rear antenna went off.
    THen I turned the car around again and this time i didn't get any advance warning but my KA band when full blast when i approach the LEO.

    So the LEO was using instant on Ka band. My point is when i got the weak Ka band for the test time, the LEO was shooting the car in front of me which was 1/2 ahead and my radar picked it up so that gave me enough advanced warning

    So in regard to a faulty Front antenna, i dont see a problem becuase my radar picked up the Ka singal 1/2 ahead.
    Thank you, more test will be done when i encounter so more Ka LEO

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    keep us posted cause this front antenna things new news to me so do you best to see if its problem regards

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    It is your detector and if you think it has no faults then great. I sent mine in for a repairing. If you have owned a V1 in the past and have driven for thousands of hours with it you start to learn in on its BEEP and BRAPS.

    You and I both had "doubts" upon the KA band reception from the front. Is it the antenna itself or is it a software glitch? Time will tell........



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