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    Default V1 Saved Me Today !!!

    I was driving today by a Goodwill store that sets of K band x2 everyday when all of a sudden it made that sound when it picks up more sources I was like what the Hell, so I slowed down to the psl 40mph & started looking for the LEO, I couldn't find him no where, I kept driving down the road, there was the LEO setting about 300' off the road in the middle of TSC parking lot, his car facing east & shooting hand held K band down the road.... V1 with the Bogey Counter saved my rear BIG TIME toady.
    V1 3.872 Ka Guard On, POP ON
    V1s Rocks !!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: V1 Saved Me Today !!!

    Nice save. Bogey counter ftw

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    Default Re: V1 Saved Me Today !!!

    My V1 has so many saves for me I just take it for granted it is the best there is. Never think to write about them. Running 83 today in a 65 with a buddy in the truck. Got one blip of KA and hit the PSL, then a few more hits. He was amazed at the range it took so long to meet the LEO. I kept telling him it is a real hit. Probably 2.5 miles of range is normal for mine.

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    Congratulations on your save. It will be one of many. Let me know when you want a V1 Zombie invite.



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