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    I've been a happy V1 user for the past two years hardwired in my modified Subaru Forester XT. Recently we replaced the wife's RAV4 with another Forester XT. I kind of felt naked driving it and happened upon a used V1 in the local car club's classifieds. Picked it up and hardwired it into the wife's Forester... She then discovered my "present" the next morning... I still have to install a remote mute button like I have in mine...

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    Your wife will really appreciate your present. I would test out the used V1 though just to be sure it is not out of tune and is functioning properly. Make some runs against local speed signs and auto doors. What software version is it?

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    It's only about a year old. We do have one of those speed signs running and it picks it up a good 1.5-2 miles in advance and went by it tonight. Was a good time to explain what to look for and how it works.

    Not sure what software it is though...

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    This is how you check:

    [ame=]YouTube - How to check your V1's version[/ame]

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    Thanks, I'll be checking tomorrow when she gets home from work.

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    I will have two V1's as soon as the next one gets here. It sould be anyday now.

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    I need to get a second one for my vet. Get tired of moving them from one to the other lol

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    My Forester (2008):

    Wife's (our) Forester (2010):

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    A new car and a V1. You are a really good husband!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 88 Fan View Post
    A new car and a V1. You are a really good husband!
    Heh... I've been working on here for the past year to get her into another Subaru... Finally worked!



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