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    Default Bogey counter and arrows

    I have notice that my V1, Ver 3.872 increases the bogey counter when really close to the LEO. I've seen it go from one bogey to 2 or even three when I am next to it and once i pass by the bogey counter goes back to 1. Is this common behavior?
    Another questions i have is what is the difference between a solid arrow vs a flashing arrow? For example I have been in situations where the bogey counter is two, one in front and one in the rear. The front arrow will be flashing and the rear arrow solid. How do I interpret this situations?

    Thank you for your explanations in advance.

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    Default Re: Bogey counter and arrows

    Sometimes the V1 will show "ghost" bogeys when close to a source, especially when the signal is strong and there are things reflecting it around. This is a pretty common occurrence with the V1.

    A flashing arrow, or band indicator tells you which bogey is the strongest. Say you are getting a Ka in the front, and a K in the rear. If the Ka in front is stronger, the front arrow and Ka LED will flash. If the K in rear is stronger, the rear arrow and K LED will flash. The audio alert and strength meter indicate the strongest bogey at any time.
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    Default Re: Bogey counter and arrows

    ^ Yup

    The arrow flashes as it changes to a band with a higher priority.

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    Default Re: Bogey counter and arrows

    The good thing about the V1, in my opinion, is it actually tells you which band is a greater threat in relation to it's strength.

    In contrast, Belscort's RD's prioritize bands by Ka>K>X not necessarily by the strength of each band.



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