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    Default V1 question, store vs webpage

    So i have been ticket free with the V1 for 8 years now.... well when im in a car with it. anyway i was looking into getting a new one for my christmass present to my self then having my old one updated..

    I noticed on valentines web page the price for the unit is $399... but when you google them or look on webpages its $500.

    So is there a difference in the detectors or is valentines web page just that much cheaper?


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    Default Re: V1 question, store vs webpage

    Valentine only sells the V1 on their webpage. Anyone else is either selling used units or are buying them on the VR website for $399 and reselling them.
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    Default Re: V1 question, store vs webpage

    your best bet is to buy a returned unit from VR... All units not sold directly by VR carry no warranty...



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