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    Default 3.863 & 3.872 & GoL

    Ok, so what was the theory behind having Ka Guard turned off for the test?

    And, what is Ka Guard? Is this new with 3.872?

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    1. 930
    2. 3.863
    3. 12/2007

    A) Is there a chart or database yet? It's hard to search this thread for your version since you can't search for numbers apparently.

    B) Is 3.863 good enough for a daily 30 minute commute on interstate roads, or should I be looking at getting the newest offering? The latest GOL test shows some obvious advantages to 3.872 over the older 3.863.

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    Based on this

    Originally Posted by MetalFlame

    The last 3 digits of the serial number indicate the year of production.

    -399 MFG 1992 to 1996
    400 to 439 MFG 1997 to 1998
    440 to 599 MFG 1998 to 2001
    600 and up MFG 2001 to 2005[/i]
    I want to start this thread to track serial number, software version, and manufacturing/purchase dates.

    Please help out by giving:

    1. Last 3 digits of your serial number
    2. Original software version (prior to any updates)
    3. Original date of purchase

    The results will be listed here and hopefully the numbers above can be further narrowed down to specific dates and version numbers if the database gets large enough.
    Leave it, unless you experience serious ghosting issues. Ka Guard was Off for the GOL tests.

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    Default Re: 3.863 & 3.872 & GoL

    Search is your friend...




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