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    Default I loves me V1...

    Tonight I was in a "speeding mood" and there is a place that has a sweeping turn that merges onto an arrow-straight stretch of divided two lane which crosses a river. It's just one of those places that's fun to safely haul @ss

    So, as I was merging onto the four lane in 3rd gear at about 50mph I was about to punch it hard when I get a full-bar Ka alert I look down at the speedo and it's dead on 55. About 1/8 mile down the road there's a blacked-out trooper in the median.

    If he'd just waited another couple of seconds he would have PWNED ME!

    I've been known to get into the 90's there so it could have been bad, very bad...

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    Default Re: I loves me V1...

    Damn dude, IO is not fun at all...

    You're fortunate that he didn't do it later.

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    Default Re: I loves me V1...

    Guess you are not the only one that knows that's a great spot to open it up!!!!
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    I have a great spot to open up at 2 am Sunday morning, coming back from the club. Very little side spots for cops to sit and the median has a concrete divider.



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