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    Default V1 Sounds in digital form

    Hi all,

    I know I'm new to the forum, but I'm a long time V1 owner and have 3 brand new units currently have had 5 previous units over the years also.

    I'm currently working on a university project where we've designed an integrated V1 that's hidden away with an in car PC controlling all of the devices in the car including navigation, heater controls, music, GPS etc etc and we're now working on the V1 integration but what we're in need of is the sounds of the V1 in digital form.

    I know we could record them all, but getting clear recordings and getting each individual type of sound for each band and signal strength etc etc

    I was wondering if there's anyone here who's a bit more hardcore into the V1 and might somehow be able to get these digital noises somehow so we can carry on with our project...........

    Any help is much appreciated and the software will be open source and freeware so will be available for anyone else who might want to use it.

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    Default Re: V1 Sounds in digital form

    Record it, analyze it, recreate it. It should be pretty simple...

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    Default Re: V1 Sounds in digital form

    If you look into the RJ11 jack on the V1 or accessory jack on the cord, the 5th pin (counting from left to right with the snap on the bottom) is the audio/mute pin. You could connect this pin to some kind of audio recorder or PC soundcard line-in to record the sounds from the V1.
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    Default Re: V1 Sounds in digital form

    ahmadr, as I said in my original post the most difficult part with recording the sounds is getting the detector to make the sounds so that I can record them.

    I'll have to find some way to recreate each radar frequency at each strength whilst recording the sounds...........that's not easy to achieve.

    kpatz, I'd imagine that even though that pin is for audio, I'd imagine it's a digital signal more than actual audio you can simply record, and also even if I can figure out how to record from that pin, the above mentioned headaches are the biggest issue for me I think.......... Unless there's some way to make the detector play all it's tones on command somehow.

    Hoping someone here has the knowledge to get the audio out somehow or be able to make the V1 do what I want when I want it.

    Might actually contact Valentine to see if they are interested in helping since it's a non profit project and will be publically available after it's working ?



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