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    Default Remote audio acting screwy: won't stay muted

    I'm having a little trouble with the remote audio adapter. Yesterday I encountered a K-band speed sign which was driving me nuts so I hit the mute. Rather than staying muted it would unmute for a single brap ever three of four seconds. brap brap brap brap BRAP brap brap brap brap get the idea, very annoying once you get out to 45 seconds or a minute at a toll plaza. Anybody else seen this?

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    disconect the mute from the v1 and see if you can mute by pressing the mute on the v1! if it works then the remote mute isnt working!

    if you press mute on the v1 and its acting the same as your remote mute then theres something wrong with the v1.

    if its still not working right ring vr up and they may be able to solve the problem!

    if the v1 is working then it may be a loose connection from the remote mute to the v1!



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